Serie of training videos on virtualization with Hyper-V

One of our teachers said it is very important for testers to know how to do virtualization.  I’ve found a very good serie of training videos on Youtube on that topic.  Here’s the link for the video playlist :


According to this teacher, virtualization is important as it enables testers to install a version of the application they can test, rather than do their tests in the application “in production mode”, i.e., that is currently running and being used by company employees or clients.


Some frameworks contain unit tests

Developers often use frameworks when they develop an application. A framework is a tool that writes parts of code for programmers, so that they don’t have to write it themselves. It fastens up the development of an application and makes it easier. Frameworks contain other resources that can be used : some of these are unit tests. These tests can be used to perform test on the application this is being or has been developed.