API testing


Developers use Application Programming Interfaces (API) when they work in developing an application. Frameworks are one example of that (I already talked about frameworks in a previous article). One type of testing that testers use to assess the quality of an application integration testing.  Integration testing aims at checking if the modules of the application, developed by various programmers, integrate well with one another. You can refer to my article on integration testing in that blog. Testers can not only test the application that is being tested : they can also test the tool (API) programmers use to develop their application. APIs provide means to facilitate the communication between various elements within the application itself, and with external elements such as the operating system. By testing the API directly, the tester will know if there will be any problems in relation to the communication of all these elements between each other, as the means provided by the API to the application being developed will be defective. I suggest you to read the following article on Wikipedia to know more about API testing :